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Resilience Group Coaching
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Burcu Vedat Basan
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Burcu Basan
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I am an international coach, trainer, and consultant. My mission is to perform the best of me while supporting;

1- individuals reach and master their full potential

2- teams excel efficiently in positivity

3- leaders act in awareness of their impact

As founder of Renaissance Danışmanlık Ltd Sti.; I am working with the focus on leadership and development; to creative, positive environment and productive results. As a fan of Renaissance spirit, I bring questioning, developing and potential-unleashing spirit to my works with business partners/clients. I am a world-worker; creating awareness, accelerating learning, growth, positivity, and productivity to create future skillfully with experience over 2000 hours of coaching, over 1000 hours of training, in 20+ international and local companies as business partners.

My professional interests are as below, in no particular order;

*Self-Leadership Coaching

*Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching

*Total Wellbeing & Health (breathwork, yoga, meditation, clean eating, clean living)



*Grief Work

-and you can find about more in detail under the "SERVICES" tab.

I believe all humans are equally creative, resourceful, and intelligent - in unique ways and I care for my clients deeply. I do, because I am them, I've been there and that's how I am standing on the shoulders of giants. I am well aware that I do not have the answers to the questions but I know that you do, given the chance. I hold the space for you to explore, choose and take action on what's best for you. I support you and I walk with you. It is wonderful to witness and see how amazing you are when you leave the limiting thoughts and belief systems behind and lead your life, yourself, your work with intelligent awareness.

I agree with Marianne Williams when she says; "...Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking...And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." - and that's what we all need, more than ever, now.

I follow the rules and ethics set by ICF -International Coach Federation - of which I am a member of since 2016. I believe in the power of experiential and experimental learning and that is how I work.


I am married and living with two cats, and a dog ( still counting). I love the sea, nature, dancing, gardening, breathing, reading, playing games, exploring the world, meeting new people and spending me-time.

All the things I am committed to write, show, speak about; I am committed to introducing them in my life first.I believe in the power of being real & sincere - and, I know the road is not easy but worth it. 

I am a grateful person- and I am grateful for that too! I am a whole-human, I know- the sun isn't always shining and I think most of the time it is a matter of choice to acknowledge the silver-lining. 

Thank you for being here, hope you find what serves you.


Burcu Basan